7 Weeks of Self-Care: Unplug and Get Bored

Self-Care: Unplug and Get BoredEver find yourself going through the day not knowing how you got from point A to B…to Z?

Do you feel like you are going through the motions, but don’t feel like you are really present in your own life?

When was the last time you took a moment to admire something beautiful without taking a picture of it? How often do you check or use your phone? Perhaps more importantly, when are you NOT using your phone?  

When was the last time you allowed yourself to be bored?

As I write this blog post, I cannot help but think…”Shannan do you really think you should be writing this? I mean isn’t unplugging or doing nothing something you struggle with every single day?”

My answer? Yes and YES. This makes it all the more important to share!

I’m what you call a smart phone addict. I’ll tell myself I’m going to read before bed, have the book open, and still be scrolling through my phone to the point of no longer having time to do what I’ve set out to do–read a book. I’m someone who will have Facebook up on my computer and then without thinking, check the app on my phone. I admit. It is a problem.

You may ask, well why is it a problem? I mean, if you are doing what you want to do, isn’t that all that matters. Isn’t self-care about doing what we want to do? Yes and no.

Self-care is about participating in activities that work toward holistic wellness and sometimes our impulses don’t match what we actually need. This means we have to actually work at self-care!

The first step to changing a behavior is being aware it.

Once I realized I was never unplugged, nor feeling 100% present in the moment of anything, I decided to take small steps toward change. For the last month or so, I have integrated a brief unplugged morning routine, including 15 minutes of sitting in silence, sipping on my warm latte, cuddling with my dog, Nico, and admiring the sunrise. I have come to cherish this time of day and wake up looking forward to this boredom. For the last few days, I have tried Challenge 1 of the Note to Self Podcast’s Bored and Brilliant Challenge Series that involves keeping my phone in my bag or pocket as I move from one location to another.

My results so far?

Unplugging and Appreciating the Sunrise and Nature

  • Increased connection to self
  • Increased connection to others
  • Increased clarity
  • Increased creativity (impacting personal and professional ventures)
  • Increased productivity
  • More “Aha!” moments

Here are four ways to unplug and get bored allowing your mind to wander resulting in increased creativity, inspiration, gratitude, problem-solving, and success at work and home:

  1. Try the Note to Self Podcast’s Bored and Brilliant Challenge Series
    • Take yourself on a 6-day challenge to unplug. You will thank yourself later. I promise.
  2. Create your own unplugged morning routine to start each day
    • Here are some things that could replace being plugged in: admiring the sunrise, listening to birds chirping, cuddling with one of your fur babies, or spending time to journal your feelings and thoughts
  3. Commit to no electronics an hour before bed
    • Read, shower/take a bath, journal, draw, color, etc.
  4. Get away from your phone, TV, or computer devices during meal time
    • Connect with the individuals you are with and activate all five of your senses. Bonus: you may notice foods being more flavorful and a decrease in overeating behaviors!

You do YOU! 



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