7 Weeks of Self-Care: Give Yourself Permission for Pleasure

Self-Care Tip: Give yourself permission to practice pleasure. Put yourself on the to-do list, explore interests, give yourself a gift for the holidays, take a day offWhile self-care requires effort, we also have to remember to give ourselves permission to participate in pleasure. This can look very different depending on interests, but there is one common factor, whatever you choose should be for YOU!

Choose to partake in something you don’t think you need.

I’ll give you a tip, sometimes this can simply be to choose doing nothing.

Keeping this week’s post short and to the point, here’s a starter list to get you thinking about how you can add more pleasure to your life!

1. Add yourself to the to-do list. No clue what to include? Here are some ideas to get your wheels turning:

  • Read for pleasure
  • Cook or bake for pleasure
    • I hate cooking when I feel like I have to make dinner after working a long day, but I love experimental cooking or baking when there are no requirements or timeline.
    • Hate being in the kitchen, but enjoy pleasuring your tastebuds? Go take yourself out on a date! For all my over-achievers out there, maybe bring a book–get two to-do list items done at once ūüėČ
  • Go for a walk or hike¬†Self-Care: Exploring new places for pleasure--Sedona
  • Grab a friend and explore a new location
  • Weather pending, spend a day at the lake or beach
  • Try a new physical activity class or go back to that class you went one time and loved, but made excuses to not continue going
  • Get artsy–paint, draw, craft, color, knit, sculpt, crochet…you decide!
  • Watch a movie or show YOU want to seeSelf-Care: Exploring pleasures--Bloody Mary
  • Enjoy a cup or glass of your favorite beverage–even the smallest things can be put on the to-do list
  • Schedule a pampering session (manicure, facial, and/or massage)
  • Take a shower or bath with your favorite tunes and candle
  • Walk around one of or many of your favorite stores without a timeline or rushing
  • Try something new with your romantic partner that YOU want to try, or try something new with yourself…yes, yourself
  • Throw away your to-do list for the day and spend a day without a plan!

2. Explore your pleasuresSelf-Care: Exploring pleasures- Paddleboard yoga

In graduate school, a professor once told our class to make time to find our interests and develop hobbies after graduation. We were all looking forward to this time. Reading for pleasure…what the heck was that like? Truth be told, life can make exploring our interests and hobbies quite difficult as curve balls fly at us and we are constantly thinking, “I’ll get around to it” or “Life is just too busy right now.” Go back to my first suggestion, “Put yourself on the to-do list.”

3. Get yourself a gift for the holidays‚Ķsomething you don’t NEED

Don’t wait for someone else to get you something you have been secretly or not so secretly hoping for. Make it happen for yourself! Did you develop a budget to give gifts to others this season? Are you included in the budget?

4. Take a day for YOURSELF

Yes, you heard me‚Ķtake a day all for YOU. If you work outside of the home, take a day off just for you.¬† If you work from home whether that is working remotely or being the CEO of your household, put all that away for the day and take a full day for you. And for all of you who might be saying, “I can’t put my kids away for the day,” if they don’t go to daycare and aren’t in school, ask for help from your partner, a friend, or a family member. Don’t have a partner, friends, or family members within driving distance? Consider hiring a care provider (This will take time to find the right fit if you haven’t started this process, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it!) or look into local community for Parent’s Night Out or Day Out options.

You might be thinking, what will I do with a whole day? See suggestions one, two, and three above.

You do YOU!



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