De-cluttering Your Life: It’s more than organizing your closet

On this Valentine’s Day, I encourage you to practice some self-love utilizing the concept of de-cluttering! Hint: I’m not talking about the organization of your closet or kitchen cupboards.

When de-cluttering my physical space, I tend to purge or let go of unimportant items instead of causing myself additional stress trying to figure out a place for absolutely everything just because I have had it in my life for a while.

You know the items I am talking about…

-Those shoes that you keep saying you are going to wear again even though they left you questioning if you should go see a podiatrist.

-The kitchen gadgets that seemed like a good idea at the time, but let’s be real, they don’t save you any time and are constantly jamming a drawer.

-A bounty of gifts you were given over the years that no longer have use or meaning other than “[Insert Name] might be offended if I get rid of this.”

It’s the stuff we hold onto that no longer bring us joy or has meaning. This stuff can rob us of clarity, sanity, and the opportunity to appreciate things that bring us joy–old and new. De-cluttering my physical space reminds me how important and significant it is to do the same with other areas of my life. Why is it we de-clutter our physical space and leave all other areas of life cluttered? 

Whether it is a relationship that is getting more attention than it should, activities that no longer bring you joy, or a hamster wheel-like mind constantly spinning and going nowhere,


De-cluttering your life allows space to connect to what’s valuable.declutter-natures-beauty-e1518551638733.jpegThe hard and fun part? You define your valuable items and decide how much space you would like to give them.

If you could make more room for what you deem as valuable, what would those valuable items be? What is something you would like to de-clutter or let go of? No more waiting.

Do it. Now.

Allow yourself to reflect on the things causing you pain, the “drawer jammers” in life, your connections that no longer have meaning or fulfill you …whatever it is that is keeping you from de-cluttering or letting go. Whether it is pairing this reflection time with a glass of your favorite wine, sitting outside experiencing the warm breeze and sunshine (if you are luck to live in warmer regions), or enjoying a beverage at your favorite coffee shop, treat yourself and really go deep into reflection on this one to move toward showing yourself some love!

TIP: I strongly suggest journaling your thoughts during your time of reflection and asking yourself why like a four year old to get to the root of your rationale. 

Reflect. Take action. Reclaim your life. After all, it is YOUR LIFE.


Yes, YOU. No one else.


Shine On!




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