About Me

Shan Schobinger


Chances are, you are visiting this page because you want to learn more about me and might be interested in working together. Welcome!

Let’s start with learning that I HATE the saying, “This will only make you stronger.” You will never hear that from me. While adversity can help you develop resiliency, being strong is not always the answer and let’s be honest…what does it even mean to be “strong?” It’s a bogus concept. Now that’s covered, here’s a bit more about me.

I am a life transition specialist originally from the south suburbs of Chicago who craves connection and meaning in all things through this thing we call life.

The most repeated question I am asked is, “How did you do it?” referring to defying every single odd against me. From growing up with a single-mother battling bipolar disorder and drug addiction, to being the legal guardian at age 27 of two teenage girls who had been through hell and back, and then losing three generations of women in a nine month span (including my mother) at age 28, I have had many unexpected life experiences that, let’s face it, were HARD.

Growing up in poverty, living in a homeless shelter at 15, and experiencing a short stint in the foster care system (love my foster family by the way!), all taught me I wanted a whole lot more out of life. With a lot of trial and error, tons of tears, counseling, and a healthy dose of coaching, I learned self-worth, meaning-making, and how to thrive each day (even during those “I don’t want to get out of bed” ones).

I’m here to tell you that you can DEFY ODDS whatever they might be!

Everyone has an odd or two or ten to defy. I didn’t quite understand the “why” behind many of my actions until I invested in myself through counseling, coaching, and dedicated a whole lot of time for reflection. By investing in myself I learned how to reshape some of my behaviors and began transforming my life into a more authentic and fulfilling one.

Reflection, developing boundaries, and a TON of self-compassion were concepts and strategies that allowed me to stop living in the shadows of someone else’s addiction. It can be done!

In addition to my eclectic mix of life hardships, I have a B.A. in psychology with a focus in human development, a M.S. in counselor education, and my MBTI practitioner’s certification. The last seven years of my career has consisted of advising, career coaching, teaching, and mentoring students, ages 16-83, on how to successfully transition to college and life after college.

In my free time, you can find me sipping lattes, getting lost in nature, running at least one mile a day, creating all kinds of deliciousness in the kitchen, and having dance parties around the house with my dog, Nico.

I look forward to guiding you toward achieving a life filled with what your soul is seeking! Life is too short for “I wish I would have…”

Shine on!