Are you ready to stop living in the shadows of someone else’s addiction? Does the thought of reclaiming your life leave you feeling excited, hopeful, and terrified?




I’m currently offering 1:1 coaching and am keeping it simple. Here’s what you get:

Monthly coaching with Shan

  • 1 thirty minute complimentary YOU MATTER call (Skype/Phone)
    • With intentional and thought-provoking prompts from me, we will have a brief chat about what in life you want to reclaim and how I can help.
  • 2 forty-five minute coaching calls with the opportunity to add more if needed
  • 2 ten minute emergency/urgent calls during my office hours
  • Weekly accountability check-ins via text or email
  • Summary notes emailed to you after each coaching call
  • Potential for freebies or bonus gifts showing up in your virtual or physical mailbox
  • INVESTMENT: $229


Not sure about investing in yourself or have questions? Complete my contact form to connect and schedule a complimentary YOU MATTER call to make an informed decision.


Want to know my coaching style and what to expect?

Coaching with me is

  • Partnership for Personal and Professional Success
    • I utilize a strength-based approach offering an encouraging environment while working with you. Coaching focuses on active listening and asking strategic questions to allow you to participate in self-discovery and a better understanding of what it means for YOU to reclaim your life. Your active engagement and participation is crucial to a your success. Life coaching is not one-sided.
  • Support and Enhancement
    • You can expect me to respect and praise you for where you are in the present. Coaching celebrates what is going well and explores what you would like to improve or change for the long-term. No easy or quick-fixes here! We want long-lasting results. I provide a platform for you to apply beneficial strategies and resources to help you reclaim your life and defy odds!
  • Accountability
    • I understand that life is constantly throwing curve balls and it is easier to focus on others rather than yourself, but it is up to YOU to continue investing in yourself. I can’t reclaim your life for you, but you better believe I will keep you on your toes! Brace yourself for a whole lot of love without all the sugar-coating!
  • Fun AND Hard Work
    • We will keep things positive during our sessions, but it may not always be rainbows. Expect to challenge your thinking and perspectives. Your ability to be honest and open with yourself in sessions is important. If you are prepared to do that, we are going to do some magical work!

Coaching with me is NOT…

  • Mental Health Counseling
    • I fully support seeking counseling from a licensed mental health professional. If you think you could benefit from mental health support, please reach out to a professional near you.
  • Advice Giving–Telling You What You Should Do
    • Providing advice can be useful in a particular moment, but it only helps in the short-term. It is the whole “give a fish vs. teaching to fish” idea. I will work with you through a custom approach resulting in your ability to develop individual strategies to implement long-term. No one-size fits all here!
  • A magic wand to make all problems go away in just one session
    • Coaching requires a committed partnership between us that involves the investment of time and hard work for long-term success. I can say with confidence, that with time you will learn how to apply your own magic wand to reclaim the life your desire.
  • For someone who is not ready to engage in coaching sessions
    • If you are hoping for a coach who is going to give you all the answers, I am not that coach. HINT: You won’t find such a coach. No judgement here if you are not ready to dive into coaching. It is a HUGE first step toward reclaiming your life. If you want to lead a more vibrant life that has meaning and is authentic to you, your participation and engagement is a must.