7 Weeks of Self-Care: Expressing Gratitude

Self-Care Week 3Many of us may have taken turns going around the dinner table with family or friends to share what we were thankful for last week, but expressing gratitude doesn’t have to stop there. And for those of us who perhaps spend holidays alone, I have been there. I know how feeling lonely takes over resulting in a negative downward spiral. I know how easy it is to go to the dark place. Again, I have been there. Continue reading “7 Weeks of Self-Care: Expressing Gratitude”


7 Weeks of Self-Care: Practice Self-Compassion

Self-Care Week 2
Chances are, you have shown compassion to others going through a difficult time, but do you offer the same compassion to yourself?

If you had the slightest bit of hesitation answering this question, this post is for you.  Continue reading “7 Weeks of Self-Care: Practice Self-Compassion”